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The Accountants for Growth

Accountants for Growth - How we deliver that promise

Accountants for Growth - How we deliver that promise
One of the main drivers of the team at James,Stanley & Co is to help our clients grow their businesses. The question you may ask is ’How do you deliver on that promise?’
Cloud accounting and supporting apps have allowed us to deliver our growth services; they provide us with real time financial information about your business which in turn allows us the compare results against the growth forecasts which we have prepared and to challenge business owners to get to the next level.

Step 1
All our client meetings will include a future-focussed conversation and the setting of targets and action plans.
Step 2
It is a proven fact that businesses who have thought about and documented their business goals are more like to achieve success with their businesses than those that pay no attention to goal setting. At our first growth meeting, we sit down with our clients and help them set their goal for the next twelve months, next three years and the next five-year periods.
Step 3
It is a proven fact that businesses who prepare financial forecasts and monitor actual performance against those forecasts are more likely to achieve financial success than those that do not.
With the business goals set, we then set about preparing financial scenarios with our clients which take their business towards the achievement of their goals.
Step 4
We measure our client’s financial performance against their financial forecasts – this is an essential part of our growth services as, based on this comparison, we can advise for the period ahead to ensure that our clients keep on track.
We provide our clients with a financial dashboard which provides a real time measure on how their key numbers are progressing. We will look at this dashboard regularly ourselves and chivvy our clients along if they are falling behind on their targets
Step 5
We hold either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly meetings with our clients at which we hold them to account on the previous meeting’s action plan, examine their financial performance in detail and, most importantly set their action plan and targets for the forthcoming period.
Their actions or ‘milestones’ are recorded on our cloud-based software so that the client can refer back to them on a regular basis. We can honestly say that at each of these meetings we help our client come to an important business decision or action.
The clients with which we have followed this approach have without doubt benefitted and are far closer to achieving their goals and ambitions than before they engaged in this process. Yes, they have to commit time and a cost for these advisory services but the benefits far outweigh the additional costs in terms of time and money that they incur.
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