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An Advent Message

An Advent Message
I am reliably informed that if you are currently seventy years of age you will have spent about three of those years just waiting (in the shops, at the doctor’s, for a train, for lunch to arrive)! And those who drive may feel that they have waited far longer than that!
Waiting is a feature of life in general and a particular feature of the Christian life, as witnessed in Paul’s letters (for the return of Christ) and the gospels (Christ’s injunction to be alert for the coming Kingdom of God).

However, in our modern life, we are totally unattuned to waiting – how would we cope without our instant e-mails, 24 hour news on TV and, of course, the constant bleep of the mobile that seems to demand our attention every second of the day? Modern life is about our needs (and, indeed, our whims) being able to be satisfied on the spot, with on-line orders delivered within 24 hours or even (can you believe it?) the same day.

So maybe it would be good this Advent to take these four short weeks and prepare ourselves for a truly joyful Christmas by trying to slow down (just  a  little!) and ponder the meaning of that gift of the babe of Bethlehem that shines through the tinsel, the lights on the tree, the glint on the wrapping paper, the spray snow and the church candles.

Keep calm – and enjoy Christmas!

A happy and holy Christmas to everyone!    
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