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An Office Jingle?

An Office Jingle?
We thought this week that we would share a case study with you all regarding ABBA Limited and the company’s owner and director, Fernando.

Fernando was based at Waterloo and ran a dancing school. He was very successful and was nicknamed the Dancing Queen.
Despite his success and reputation, Fernando couldn’t help feeling that he must be paying too much tax because he was not in the Money, Money, Money.
Being a Super Trouper, he eventually found his accountant’s phone number (it took him a while as he only gets to see him once a year) and gave him a call…… No answer.
Frustrated, Fernando decided to google ‘Tax saving accountants’ and came across James, Stanley & Co Limited. He thought to himself “despite not Knowing Me, Knowing You, I’ll give them a call”.
We were delighted that Fernando decided to Take a Chance on Me, because after just one meeting, we were able to save him and his wife £1,600 in income tax and £1000 in corporation tax.
Mamma Mia” he said, rejoicing and thinking to himself “The Winner Takes it All”.
At James, Stanley & Co. Limited, The Name of the Game is growing your profits to the max while you pay the smallest amount of tax.
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