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Business Clarity - Where are we Going?

Business Clarity - Where are we Going?
Mark and Chandni have recently attended the three day AVN Masterclass course and have come back enthused to get started on the information they have learnt.
Much of the course material applies to all business and not just accountants so, over the coming weeks, I am going to share that with readers of our blog.

The starting point for any business is to define with complete clarity your goals and objectives. Start with the end in mind – what would you like your business to look like when you have finished working on it.

Some of the matters you need to consider are listed below:

1) How large is your ideal business in terms of sales?
  1. 2) What level of annual profits are you aiming for?
  2. 3) How many hours a week will we work?
  3. 4) What pricing structure will give you the desired level of profits?
  • 5) How many team members will you need?
  • 6) What type of customers do you want to work with?
  • 7) What location will those customers come from?
  • 8) What type of businesses/customers are they?
  • 9) Do we like our customers and are their values in line with ours?
  • 10) How are you going to win those customers?
  • 11) How many offices/outlets will you have?
Once we have complete clarity on what the business we run will look like (and have documented this) we can start work on building that business.

May I therefore recommend that readers of this blog spend a few hours working on how you want your business to look, feel and work so that this is established with complete clarity. We would love you to share your work with us and we are happy to help you with the clarity process if you need help and encouragement.
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