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Cloud Accounting - Part 2

Cloud Accounting - Part 2
Following the previous blog on cloud accounting, this blog shares three options we provide that fits the needs of every type of business. To help you identify the best option for your business here is a quick overview.
Total Accounting Solution
This is the best option for ambitious business owners who want comprehensive support and advice to help them build a truly successful business, maximise their income and wealth, and minimise their tax bills. We drill down to the fine detail of what figures really drive and impact your business including;

- analysing how your prices impacts your profits, and demonstrating the impact on your bottom line when changing your pricing structure.
- reviewing your sales system, and implementing a service level within your business that ensures not only that you win new customers, but that you maximise the revenue from your existing customer base.
- using management information to reliably estimate future tax liabilities, and in turn implementing tax planning strategies to ensure you are in control over the taxes you pay to HMRC.
Advanced Accounting
This option is for those who don’t need comprehensive support and help, but do nevertheless want more than just the preparation of their annual accounts. It includes business and tax planning advice. Examples of what we deliver include;

- quarterly board meetings where we review management information and discuss ways to improve your vital numbers.
- 9 month tax planning meeting, discussing what options are available to you before that year end in order to minimise the tax you pay to HMRC.
Essential Accounting
This option is for those who are happy to miss out on some of the more valuable input from us and instead only receive the essential elements because they are on a tight budget. Rest assured we still take ownership and responsibiltiy of all your compliance requirements as a business owner, and in turn you still benefit from unlimited support from our team.

It goes without saying that the most benefit clients receive is from the Total Accounting Solution and this is the option that we would recommend for most forward thinking business owners. Saying that, we firmly believe in the saying "no one size fits all" which is why Advance Accounting and Essential Accounting also provide real value for clients, often smaller businesses whereby a broader level of support does the trick.
Cloud Accounting
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