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Credit note? Refund? What’s the difference?

Credit note? Refund? What’s the difference?

After recently reviewing client bookkeeping queries, a common problem raised was being able to successfully account for the difference between entering a credit note compared with a refund. Many clients find it difficult to clarify between the two, and whilst these two concepts hold much synergy, they encompass two very different accounting treatments. To that end please find below a brief explanation and example to help clarify these entries and get your books and records looking clean and tidy!

What is a credit note?

The simplest way to think of a credit note is to underline the word “note” to help remember that this is a paper-based transaction only. A credit note is generated by a business to be offset against a previous invoice raised (whether in part or full). No physical monetary exchanges arise at this stage, but often a credit note will precede a refund whereby money does change hands. Remember if the business is VAT registered then the credit note would have element of VAT.

What is a refund?

This is where physical cash is returned. Typical illustrations are as a result of you refunding a customer who has overpaid your sales invoice, or that the customer was not happy with the product or service provided by you. In the second scenario you would raise a sales credit note before refunded the money to the customer (assuming the customer paid for the full sales invoice in the first instance).



ABC Ltd constructs a machine for Customer B at an agreed sale of £100. After constructing this machine ABC Ltd delivers this item to Customer B attaching the sales invoice for £100.

Customer B duly pays this sales invoice in full on the same day.

After a few days this machine breaks down, causing Customer B to call ABC Ltd and demand compensation.


ABC Ltd agrees to refund 50% of the initial sales invoice. To that end ABC Ltd raised a credit note to be offset against the initial sales invoice, and in turn the £50 was refunded to Customer B as agreed.


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