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Follower and Accelerated Payment Notices (APN)

Follower and Accelerated Payment Notices (APN)

Basic Facts

From the date The Finance Bill 2014 receives Royal Assent (within the next couple of weeks!!), any individual or company that has undertaken aggressive tax planning since August 2004 may receive a “Follower Notice and/or an Accelerated Payment Notice (APN)” requiring them to amend tax returns, and in some cases payback the tax saved via “tax advantageous” strategies.

Options available

There appears to be no right of appeal to an independent third party, and therefore options are extremely limited.

Options available are;

  • Seek a settlement with HMRC
  • Pay the tax back
  • Pay the tax and then continue with litigation until the tax planning is found to be legitimate. On this occasion HMRC will refund the tax paid with interest.


In some cases, APN’s could result in extreme financial pressure for the individual/company who has used a tax strategy and could lead to bankruptcy for the individual or liquidation of the company.

Although litigation is available to the tax payer, it is a costly action in itself and so is only worth considering if the APN is substantial.

What should we do?

HMRC are publishing a list of those schemes which it intends to issue APNs before the end of this month.

It is essential you take action now! Consult with your accountant so that you may plan for the payment of tax.

For more information you can refer here

Help at JS & Co

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