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Goal reviewing for the New Year

Goal reviewing for the New Year
Now that 2015 has officially rolled in, it’s time to reflect on your previous year’s goals and see how they compare with the outcomes. While this may seem daunting it’s essential for future goal setting as it’s a great opportunity to reflect on your previous strategies and accomplishments. 

Here are a few key points to get you started:

  1. Did you reach your objective? If not, why? Was the goal too ambitious? Were the deadlines unrealistic? Or was the strategy not right? Whatever the answer, it’s important to think about what didn’t work to avoid making the same mistake this year!
  2. If you reached your objective, what lead to its success? Don’t skim over the goals you have achieved! They require as much thought as the unsuccessful ones because it’s important to decipher which elements (all or some) of your strategy worked to implement your initiative.
  3. Adjustment—should you lower or raise your goals? How should you change your strategy? Make sure to adjust both to accommodate the new year and your new initiatives! 

Last but not least, start the new year! Now that you've reviewed last year’s strategies you’re ready to start this year’s goals with more awareness and success!


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