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Notice to charities: change in gift aid

Notice to charities: change in gift aid

From the end of September H.M. Revenue & Customs will no longer accept Form R68i for making gift aid claims, instead a new system has been introduced which will allow tax claims to be made in one of three ways: -

  • Using Donations Co-ordinator 5 charities will be able to send claims electronically to the Inland Revenue. The claim is prepared entirely within Donations Co-ordinator and then immediately sent to HMRC without any further steps.
  • The second on-line option uses a combination of completing a web-based form and then uploading spreadsheets with the details of the claim. The spreadsheets are downloaded from the Revenue site, filled in on your computer using Libre office or Excel. The spreadsheet are produced within Donations Co-ordinator 5.
  • Finally a more traditional paper method can be used – Form Chr1. This form has to be handwritten and is not very appealing

In order to follow options 1 & 2 your charity will have to be registered with HMRC for their online services and then enrolled for Charities Online.

You will receive an ID number and be asked to set a password – these will be needed when entering information into the Donations Co-ordinator or filing claims over the Government Gateway. 

Under option 1, Donations Co-ordinator 5 will check your claim prior to submission which should prevent any rejections.


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