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St Basil's Walk 2017

St Basil's Walk 2017
On Saturday 17th June, the James, Stanley & Co team of five which was made up of Andrew, Chandni, Dawn , Devaney and our loyal walker from St Peter’s Church, Andy Batch, set out from Cirencester College on a 14 mile walk (which turned out to be nearer 17 miles) for the St Basil’s charity.
 Despite the heat, we could not spend a day doing anything more worthwhile – walking in the beautiful English countryside with some of the nicest people in our team who you could every wish to spend a day with and at the same time raising money to help eliminate youth homelessness in the West Midlands.
We would like to thank all those who have sponsored us this year and who by their giving have made a contribution towards eradicating youth homelessness.

I have recently read a book entitled, Better Business, Better Life, Better World by Jonathan, Katie and Laura Pipe which tells the story of approximately 40 entrepreneurs and explains the advice they would pass on to their grandchildren to ensure they help to fulfil the ideas set out in the book’s title.
When it comes to ‘Better World’ the advice from many of the book’s contributors is that we must embed ‘giving’ as a principle of our businesses. Governments are coming under increasing pressure to provide funds for education, social care, healthcare and the like and, as a result, funds available for making out world a better place to live are becoming increasingly scarce.
Individuals and small businesses feel helpless in the fact that they cannot make a difference. However, that is absolutely not the case. If we all make giving an integral part of our working culture then collectively we can make a huge difference to making a better world.

At James, Stanley & Co through our association with B1G1 we purchase clean water for a person for a day every time we complete a self assessment tax return and when we complete a set of accounts we buy a chicken for a deprived family in Kenya. The cost of each impact giving is small but if the business community buy into this idea then together we can make a real change for the better.

Our St Basil’s walk is just a part of the giving idea that we support for the benefit to the local community.
We urge all who read this article to look for your own charity to support and join us in making a difference for a better world. In doing so you can have a great deal of fun,  improve the team spirit in your business whilst at the same time making a real difference to people’s lives who are far less fortunate than we are.
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