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Systemise your business for a better life

Systemise your business for a better life

Last evening I went out for a drink with a long standing client of the practice and we lamented on how our respective businesses were dependent on ourselves – the more successful we get the harder we have to work.

Michael Gerber says that to have a true business, all the functions and processes of that business need to be systemised. As we considered the need for better systemisation in our respective businesses, my client and I listed out the benefits we would achieve if we could actually properly systemise our operations. We identified the following benefits:

  • Our businesses would be more valuable
  • We would have more free time to work on the business and make it perform better
  • Our clients and customers would get a better service as our operations would be clicker
  • Work would become more fun as we would find better ways to carry out processes
  • It would enable us to delegate more as a system would be in place for our team to follow

The good news is that we have a product supplied by AVN called ‘System Builder’ which will enable us to carry this systemisation process out. As when we left the pub my client pledged to start on his ‘System Builder’ journey and I pledged to advance our own systems.


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