As a business owner it is extremely easy to get immersed into the day-to-day running of the business, therefore failing in most cases to have the time to stop and evaluate how well your business is performing.
The way you achieve this is by being able to compare your own figures to those of your direct competitors (by industry and location), with regards to aspects such as gross margins and debtor days.
One option is to invest in market research to drive down to the numbers that matter to your industry and business. For many small businesses however resources are limited, and therefore unable to fund such a project. Noting that, the solution we have available to businesses is a “Benchmark Report”. 
A BenchMark report will show you where you are now, how well you’re doing against your competitors in the key areas for any business: profits, sales growth and productivity, for example.
And once you know where you are, we can help you get to where you want to be whether that’s better sales growth, lower debtor days, higher productivity or anything else.
All we need is last year’s financial results and we can produce a confidential report that illustrates the impact of improving your vital figures. The best part is that this report can be yours from as little as £150.
So if you would like to stay ahead of the competition, get in touch to find out what numbers matter to your business.