Business Valuation
Business Valuation is an extremely important issue for business owners when looking to sell. Often the sale of a business will prove to be an important component of an individual’s retirement income. To that end the key is to maximise the value of your business, and that is where we can help.
Imagine that you have just inherited a large amount of money and want to spend some of it buying a business. After doing a lot of research you have found two businesses that interest you. They make and sell the same products. They are the same size, and they are all based in the same town. But as you will see, they do differ in one very important way……
Business A – same as most businesses, with no real systems in place and so when key people are not around jobs do not get completed well.
Business B – this business is fully systemised and so no matter whether key people are at work or at holiday, tasks get completed to the same standard.
Which business would you buy?
What research tells us is that almost 87% of business owners would pay more for a systemised business.
What we can do to help clients is not only value their business but also help them set up a ready made software package to keep all of their business systems in one place. This software provides you with the foundation to develop abd upload all the systems that matter to you, and in turn maximise the value of your business.
Whether it is uploading regulatory correspondence, marketing content, internal processes or a contact database, call us to find out how using a system software solution can boost the value of your business.