It is safe to say that nearly all businesses continuously strive to improve their figures, whether that be building up cash reserves, increasing turnover or becoming more profitable. In order to achieve these ultimate objectives a number of other factors need to be addressed first, such as reducing debtor days, meeting more prospects or reducing overheads.

The difficulty for business owners is being able to identify, quantify, implement and monitor all these Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that as a consequence serve to boost your financial results. Our solution to this struggle is a “Balanced Scorecard”.

This one page business plan document separates your business into four key departments;
  • Underlying Factors
  • Costs & Cash
  • Sales
  • Financial
Within these departments we then identify four or five KPI’s to actively set targets and monitor on a monthly basis in order to improve all the numbers that matter to you.

 It is simple and readily understandable by everybody from the shop floor to the Board. It tells you how you are doing, helps you to identify the areas they need to work on, and forces you to think about, record and monitor the action they are going to take to do even better in the future.

So if you are looking to focus in on the numbers important to you, we look forward to taking your call.