Often labelled as one of the more tedious and time consuming duties of any business, bookkeeping actually plays a fundamental role in running your business when managed effectively.
To help assess the effectiveness of your bookkeeping function, ask yourself the following questions;
  1. How much money are you currently owed?
  2. How much money do you currently owe?
  3. How much profit did you make last month?
If you cannot answer these questions at the click of the button, the reality is you could be at risk,
  • whether it be your cash-flow because your debtors haven’t been collected and you need to settle certain creditors, or
  • your profit levels are high, meaning you have substantial future tax liabilities to pay.
From an outsourced bookkeeping function, you can have these answers on a real time basis, enabling both you and us as the accountant to plan effectively to instigate internal controls (ie. credit control system) and implement tax strategies when they count.
Our team are trained in all the mainstream bookkeeping software including Quickbooks, SAGE, IRIS Openbooks and Xero, and are even able to manage bespoke bookkeeping functions upon request.
So don’t waste any more time balancing the books, and focus on what you do best which is building your business.