Payroll and CIS
Running a payroll can be quite a burden for small business, especially since the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI). Looking to the future, payroll is going to become even more time consuming with the introduction of Auto-Enrolment.

For more and more businesses, outsourcing their payroll has become the popular choice for the following reasons;
  • We invest in the latest software and training ensuring your payroll is timely, accurate and compliant with all regulatory bodies.
  • We have the resources to manage annual, monthly and weekly payrolls, no matter what the size and whether they are fixed or hourly.
  • We save you the time, worry and stress over non-compliance and the resulting penalties.
  • In addition we also take full ownership of submissions and disclosures for businesses that fall within the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).
No matter what the industry or company size we fully manage your payroll in order to alleviate those payday headaches.