It is vital when choosing an accountant that you consider the qualifications, experience and proactivity of an accountancy practice in order to ensure you receive real value for the money you pay for financial support.


What is not commonly known is that anybody can be an accountant. There are no laws in place requiring accountants to complete certain examinations to achieve a qualification. This places a business owner at risk. At James, Stanley & Co however we are registered as a Chartered Accountancy practice, regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales, meaning our team attain the highest level of expertise that ensure clients receive accurate, timely and proactive support.


We have over ninety years of experience helping businesses across all industry sectors in Birmingham and the UK, meaning our team are able to provide insights into the key ways to stay ahead of the competition.
The evidence of the value our experience brings for clients is demonstrated from the longevity of our clients’ business journeys, with one example being a client in the jewellery industry trading for over a hundred years, benefitting from our knowledge as they tackled the ever changing working environment, including recessions and the technology advancements.


Whilst completing year end accounts, tax returns and auditing is the bedrock for all accountant services, our emphasis is very much on the proactive advice that enables clients to improve those vital numbers in order for you to achieve your personal goals.
We invest in the leading tax planning and growth software, providing a real time and unique insight into effective budgeting and strategic planning. Specific examples include how to maximise profit through pricing strategies as well as managing assets through strategic capital spends to lower tax bills.

Management accounts

Management accounts are a particular accountancy service that provides a real interim insight into the numbers that really matter to any business. At James, Stanley we use this service to advise clients on ways to improve gross profits, reduce overheads and implement tax planning actions to enable the business owner to get more.
Where we separate ourselves from other management accountants in Birmingham is by taking these actions and through our experience, also demonstrating the ways to physical make the necessary changes in a business, such as showing clients how to demonstrate added value for customers in order to increase prices as well as providing contacts in other professional sectors that will enable businesses to save on costs.

Current issues

With the recent external event of the Brexit vote as well as the changes to dividend and property tax following the 2016 Summer Budget, we encourage people to contact us in order to receive the promise of qualified, experienced and proactive financial support.