The reality is that more than 50% of new start-up businesses close within the first twelve months. There are many reasons why that is, such as; lack of marketing, poor location, insufficient capital or lack of management expertise. The hidden reason however that links all of these failings together is lack of business planning. How can you expect to launch a successful new venture if you don’t know where you are going, how you are going to get there and what demands your market demands from you? It is for these reasons that it is imperative for all new businesses to have on day one a plan that covers operations, marketing, human resource and financial detail in order to achieve long-term sustainability and success.

In order to complete a business plan you must take into account both internal and external factors. Whilst internal factors are within your control the hardest aspect therefore to plan for is the external environment. What is your competition? What are the market trends at present? Is there any new legislation impacting the industry? As a practice of over 95 years of experience and managing a client base that trades within all the main industry sectors such as; jewellery, manufacturing, IT, waste disposal, media, telecommunications etc. we are able to add real value by using a combination of historical client data as well as current market analysis through our funding and banking associates in order to provide a real-time, accurate and relevant plan for your business.

Within a business plan one of the most fundamental short term issues to plan for is cash-flow. For this reason within nearly all business plans you will find a financial forecast budgeting for initial set-up costs and the time delay for money to come in via sales. Where we add value for clients is that we have heavily invested in the latest forecasting software that enables us to make your numbers talk. In reality a plan will never be followed exactly to the penny so therefore we are able to provide different scenarios for your cash-flow in order for you to be able to plan for the unexpected. Whether it is a drop in sales, or an increase in a certain cost, at a click of a button we can provide for client all eventualities so that you never catch a cold financially. 

In reality many start-up businesses require some form of external finance in order to make their dream a reality. Sourcing that finance and what type of finance to acquire is complicated; whether it is obtaining a business loan, setting up a factoring facility or purchasing fixed assets on finance. Our team have the expertise not only to advise on what forms of finance would best fit your business but also help you access the entire finance market (rather than simply going to a high street bank where they only offer their branded products). Through this level of service not only do you finance your business in the most appropriate way, but have the reassurance that you have acquired the most attract rates finance offers in the market.

In summary a business plan must be realistic, relevant and most importantly meet your personal needs and goals. By investing in an expert like us to complete your business plan we are able to provide the full picture of what running your new business will entail, enabling you to simply take our plan and bring it to life.