One of the greatest selling points to James, Stanley & Co are the tax advisors that form a key part of the team. We go far beyond the generic compliance based accountants and offer real tax planning that ensures our clients never pay more than the legal minimum amount of tax. But it is not only our tax advisors that offer the value! To support our team we invest in the very latest tax planning software that delivers real time calculations and options for clients live in front of them so that they always have control over their taxes.

Tax Advisors

Touching on our tax advisors in more detail, at this practice we are able to provide tax planning across all taxes, whether it is extracting substantial funds of companies, setting up trusts for estate and inheritance tax planning and more recently using Limited Liability Partnerships and companies to circumvent the adverse tax changes that have recently taken effect for private residential property investors. As tax advisors in Birmingham our commitment is to understand your circumstances and present real options to save tax in an honest and transparent manner.

Tax Software

Often the most powerful tool at our disposal is our investment in tax planning software. Using software tools we guarantee not only the accuracy of the information but also total flexibility in results to meet your conditions. Examples of such software include “Remuneration Planner” and the “Dividend Impact Review” which enable us to use clients’ financial results to produce over a million calculations in order to generate THE most tax efficient way for that client to extract money from their business. Another software tool is the “Incorporation Planner” which calculates the annual tax saving from incorporating a sole trader or partnership, often leading to savings of £5,000 to £10,000 a year.


For many small businesses their accountants do not attend to tax planning, meaning that seeking an independent tax advisor in Birmingham can cost up to an additional £250 per hour. At James, Stanley & Co we are able to combine compliance services with effective tax planning at a fraction of that cost, often taking simply a small percentage of your tax savings. Typical savings from our tax department range between 20-40% with even some clients saving as much as 99%!It is only through the combined investment in our team and software that we are able to deliver effective planning and add real value as tax advisors in Birmingham, Leicester, Coventry and other surrounding areas.