Remuneration Planner

“How can I extract money from my company in the most tax efficient way?”

As the saying goes, “we don’t live to work, we work to live” and in order for that to be possible business owners need to find the most tax efficient way of extracting money from a limited company.
The reality however is that the tax consequences associated with remuneration is a complex area of planning. This is due to the way that various taxes interact, and therefore it is important to consider corporation tax, national insurance, income tax and occasionally other taxes when determining remuneration options.
In addition, from April 2016 the income tax treatment to dividends is changing making tax planning essential in order to avoid unwelcome tax liabilities for business owners.  
Through our investment in the leading tax software, we can help remove all those headaches by offering to clients our solution “Remuneration Planner” (RP).
This software enables us to calculate over a million variations in just a few seconds live in front of you, to determine THE best way to  extract money from your company, whether it be;
  • paying a bonus
  • voting a dividend
  • charging interest on directors’ loan accounts
  • making pension contributions
  • other bespoke tax strategies
…..or in nearly all cases, a combination of all the above.
The fact is that by getting your remuneration strategy right, the tax savings you benefit from arise each and every year, making it life changing. So if you would like to know more about how to extract money from your company, contact us now.